26 November 2019

Principal's Blog: Encouraging students to aim high

Principals Blog: Encouraging students to aim high

After a busy and successful start to the year, I have now found some time to reflect on what has been going on. 

The term began with our first focused Compliance and Education Quality Inspection for almost 10 years. It was very successful and the College came out well. The ISI Inspection Report has been published on the website

Many of our current students have now submitted their UCAS applications and are hard at work preparing for their Mock Exams. For some students here at Ealing Independent College, time moves extremely quickly and they are aware of the importance of making the most of all opportunities available to secure their place at their first choice university.  As educators we must keep challenging our students and encourage them to keep aiming high; but it is equally important to ensure that they feel secure in a supportive environment of a well-managed school. Very few schools in the country can boast the consistently high value-added score the College achieves in the annual Government League Tables. Such a record speaks for itself.

I put this all round success down to the strength of the college community - an aspect of the school that the ISI inspectors soon realised during our recent inspection. The good relationships between our teaching staff, students and parents, ensure that our students leave the College not only reaching their potential academically, but also as well rounded citizens. 

Dr Ian Moores


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