04 April 2018

My GCSE Student Journey

My GCSE Student Journey

The moment that I was told that I was accepted to the College, I felt the rush of blood inside me, almost like I was climbing a mountain as fast as I could. I was nervous as well as full of excitement and eagerness to start the college adventure. That day eventually came. As I walked towards the college it was as if I was walking in the forest alone at night, my mind thinking of millions of things at once. The last thing I recollect is that I was suddenly standing in front of Ealing Independent College.

The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful works of art which make you feel you are back in the kindergarten years. The choice of colour and the atmosphere was perfect. The facilities are very well laid-out and enough to entertain and educate us. The teachers are extremely good at teaching as well as letting us have a blast together. What really had an impact on me was how many students there were in each class and the teamwork. In my old school we were 40+ students and we never got into teams.

All of the students are very co-operative. They respect you and treat you like a brother/sister. The teachers guide you towards the dream of achieving your goal. They are very supportive. I personally believe that if there is support, guidance and motivation, success is something easy to achieve. My advice is to put the required hard work and effort in, to prove everyone wrong and to grab that goal. Friends are a special help to us in this. Challenges between us help us succeed. I have changed a lot – all thanks to my friends, teachers and all the support I have had here.

I really like the way the monitoring works here. I mean the yellow and red cards – yellow cards for good things and red cards for bad. For most of the students this is a big deal. This system has made us more effective as it’s a competition about who is the best tutor group in the College. In order to get yellow cards you should do homework, activities and projects on time. Behaviour and good conduct are essential. Red cards are the exact opposite.

Recently, College clubs have launched for this academic year. Clubs allow the students to feel responsibility, experiment and learn new things. Some examples are: the engineering club and the music club. A lot of new skills can be learned if you join. Once every month we do an activity, like choosing to go to a place of interest or choosing to go out as a group to have fun with friends.

My life, my future starts here at Ealing Independent College.

Edward (Year 10)

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