13 May 2022

College Catch Up - May 13th - "Notte Prima Degli Esami"

College Catch Up - May 13th - Notte Prima Degli Esami

Exams approaching, lessons learned for our football team after their latest match, a “goodbye Pizza-Party” with the Y11s, a fun interview with James and an inspiring one with Avesta, are only some of the stories that this weekly catch up will include.

The week started with the announcement of Allan’s nomination for the Lexden Prize, a recognition that celebrates the achievements of sixth formers.

Haboon has always been an humble and enthusiastic student, who Allan describes as someone who:

“has always worked especially hard to make the best of her talents, through online and classroom based learning, and has always impressed her teachers with her diligent, mature and measured approach, whatever the circumstances she may have found herself presented with.”

Read the full post here

On Tuesday, the teacher who was put on the spotlight for our “Teacher Tuesday” Blog was James Garside, our incredible Head of GCSE, Geography and Psychology. His fun interview revealed that James was a “last-minute” student in Secondary School, or in his words, someone who “worked well under pressure”. However, in his adult life, James understood the impact that a consistent focus has on final results, thus gave a very useful piece of advice to all the students who will be preparing for exams next year:

“Students should act like athletes. Athletes can not schedule all the training that they need to do in order to win competitions on the day before a main sport event, but they need to be training months, years in advance.” 

Read James’ article here.

On Wednesday, Avesta told us about the Council Elections he has recently taken part in. Breaking the record of youngest ever candidate in London, and second youngest in the UK, Avesta talked us through his path that brought us to the Elections. 

Although he could not celebrate a victory, this process has prepared him for the next elections, and definitely inspired us all. 

Read the full interview here.

We had some less happy news on Wednesday: our EIC football team lost their last football match of this academic year. However, we are so proud of how far they have come, and we are sure that the team will be ready for next season!

On Thursday we had a brand new episode of the EIC Azoomni Podcast, where our weekly guest, Danial, touched the topic of taking a gap year after finishing his A-Levels. 

Allan and Danial also had a chat about Danial’s favourite memories from his time at EIC, football matches, and more. Listen to the episode here.

Finally, as this week has definitely been incredibly busy both for those teachers who are getting ready for invigilating the exams, and the students who are getting ready to sit them, we decided that our students needed a little treat: we had a little pizza party at lunch time at the park today. A few photos of the event are on the College’s social media. We hope that this will give our students a little boost for their exams next week. 

An italian song from 1984, called “Notte Prima Degli Esami”, literally “The night before the Exams”, is what italian students listen to a few days before the exams up until the exams begin. 

The lyrics recite several times throughout the song “this night is still ours”, giving the students a sense of freedom and the idea that since Exams haven’t started yet, there is still time for them to write their own destiny. 

Exams are starting on Monday. I am not sure whether there’s an equivalent song in Britain that carries all those hopes and dreams for the students’ future after the exams, but I would suggest British students listen to “Notte Prima degli Esami” and enjoy their last weekend before exams to the fullest!

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