Visa Requirements

Ealing Independent College has Tier 4 Sponsor Status, and as such welcomes international students from around the world. For applicants who require a visa, please take a moment to read through the visa application process as outlined below. The College admissions office will guide applicants through the process.

EU/EEA Students

Students with an EU/EEA passport do not need any visa to study in the UK; enrolment will be made under the same conditions as UK students.

Non EU/EEA Students 

Students from outside the EU/EEA will have to enrol under a Tier 4 Child or General Student Visa. Please note, students between the ages of 13 to 16 will need to apply for a student child visa, whilst students from 17 will need to obtain a student general visa. The College will issue a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Study) provided all the criteria have been met. Once the CAS is issued the student must make an appointment with the British Consulate/Embassy. The whole process can take a few weeks.

In order for a CAS to be issued students will have to provide the College with the following documents:

  • Completed and signed enrolment form, with the following accompanying payment: acceptance deposit (£2,500), book and resource fee (£400), enrolment fee (£300) and CAS fee (£300)
  • Copy of the Students Passport / Biometric ID card
  • Copies/Transcripts of previous school reports and exams taken
  • Copy of the most recent IELTS test or equivalent. Please note, for General Student Visas, we prefer students to have attained a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 in all areas, and for Child Student Visas, we prefer students to have attained a minimum IELTS score of 4.0 in all areas (or to be evaluated in interview)
  • Copies of bank statements to be used by the student once in the country. Students need to show they have at least £11,385 to cover their living expenses whilst in the UK (£1,265 per month for 9 months - this is an estimated cost to live in London for one year), plus the full tuition fee that will become payable during the first year of study. The money must be in this account forat least 28 consecutive days before the date of the application. If the currency of the account is not £ Pounds Sterling, the statement must include a currency conversion, showing the amount in £ Pounds Sterling. The bank statement must be in the name or in the name of parent(s) or legal guardian

Please note, students under 18 years old applying for a General visa must have documentation from their parents granting them permission to both travel to the UK and to and live independently. Please note, the regulations are slightly different for students between 13 to 16 on a child’s visa. Please take a moment to read through the visa regulations to ensure you have read and understood the requirements:

All students are required to have a nominated guardian within one hour of Ealing Independent College. Once a student has accepted their place at the College, the admissions office will provide a list of reputable guardianship providers to choose from (unless the student has a family member in London who can act as a guardian). This is intended as a guide and further documentation or evidence may be required. 


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