Parent of Alumni - Class of 2011

Your college, personal attention and care to both of my two children who attended Ealing Independent College have been instrumental in my children's success. They have now both successfully completed their degrees in Pharmacy and Estate Management at King's College and University of Westminster. I will always be grateful to you for providing the support we needed.

Parent of GCSE student

“We chose Ealing Independent College for our daughter because we heard it was very good. We are really happy with our choice, and would recommend it to others.”

Parent of A-Level student

“Ealing Independent College has dedicated staff who inspire pupils thus enabling them to gain their great examination results. I would recommend the College because the teachers really make the subjects come alive to the pupils, but also for the extra-curricular activities on offer such as the football team. I am really happy with the education and support my son has received at the College.”

Parent of GCSE student

“I would describe Ealing Independent College as a College that takes pride in its students and is therefore dedicated and passionately committed to helping each student develop his/her potential to perform to the best of his/her ability. The College has very qualified and experienced staff members who are always there for my daughter. They take interest in her well-being and work with her to develop her academic potential. This is achieved through periodic meetings with her and reviews of her work and progress, always challenging her to aim for excellence and giving her awards (where merited) to encourage her to pursue excellence.”

Parent of two A-Level students

“If you want to bring the best out of your children, Ealing Independent College certainly offers this. We were looking for a College that best prepared our sons for the UK university entry, and Ealing certainly offered this. This is education at its best: small classes, top teachers who are specialised in their own fields and offer a huge amount of time and dedication to their students. These teachers really want their students to succeed and bring the best out of them.”

Parent of two A- Level students

“I chose Ealing Independent College for my children for its quality of teaching and excellent staff. The dedication and the continuous follow up on students’ work and progress make the College stand out from the rest. Its modern teaching technique by very competent and highly professional teachers made it possible for my two sons to achieve the highest possible grades which enabled them to pursue their career in medicine. I recommend Ealing Independent College for its reputation and excellence, and I commend Dr Moore in making it the best private College in West London and thank him for his invaluable help and efforts.”

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