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University Destinations 2012

12 Oct 2012

Success Stories 2012 It’s been a successful academic year for our A level students. They remained self-motivated and hardworking, with a strong sense of direction and a solid private study ethos. Thanks to their determination and commitment to get the best possible grades, 34 out of 36 students achieved their goal and got into a University course of their choice. Here’s a selection from some success stories:

StudentUniversityGradesDegree Course
Jessica BelfieldLEEDSA*B – Maths, PsychMathematics
Devesh DillumQUEEN MARYABB – Maths, Chem, PhysMedical Engineering
Chi Bang DuongBATHAAAA – Further Maths, Bio, Chem, PhysPharmacy
Shiv GohilSOASAAA - Chemistry, Maths, EconsInternational Management (China)
Adam KIJOWSKIUCLAAAB – Maths, Further Maths, Econs, Phys,Mechanical Engineering
li LiYORKBBA – Further Maths, Econs, ChemistryEconomics, Mathematics
Olivia MastinWARWICKABB – French, Latin, MathsEnglish and Latin Literature
Sam Moradi-BalfSOASA*AB – Econs, Government & politics, MathsHistory and Economics
Issy O'SullivanMANCHESTERAAB – Bus, Psych, Eng LiteratureLaw
Amarveer RandhawaGap yearA*AAA – econs, French, Geog, Eng Literature 
Anh TranLSEA*A*AA – Further Maths, econs, Chem, CompMathematics and Economics
Alexandra VladimirovaQUEEN MARYAABC – Maths, Government & politics, French,Hist, Law

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