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UES London provide expert advice on US university admission

15 Dec 2017

On Friday 15th December, the College welcomed Jason Smith from UES London. UES assist students with applying to college in the US and provide expert tuition and courses for the SAT’s and ACT’s for those looking to study at colleges in the United States.

Jason spoke about the difference in the college application process between the UK and the US, but what seemed especially attractive to the Year 12 students was the lack of initial specialisation required when applying for college stateside versus the UK. He showed our students that whether applying for an Ivy League school, a Liberal Arts college or Public University in the US, everyone takes a diverse set of subjects when they start at college in the US, with a course specialisation (or “major”) being chosen in a student’s second year. Jason even shared the story of a student who went to UCLA initially expecting to major in dance, only to find their real calling in the Astrophysics department!

As attractive as the possibility of an extra year of maths was to the Year 12 students, the range of financial packages and scholarship opportunities in the US also seemed to peak our students' interest. It became clear very quickly that we have a range of extra-curricular interests in the college – with football (or soccer) scholarship enquiries, basketball scholarship’s, dance, and even chess scholarships being talked about in the Q&A session following the talk.

With 10,000 UK students currently studying in the US, and 40 of the world’s top 100 universities being located in the US it certainly gave the year 12’s something different to think about for their university applications next year.

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