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Next College Expedition goes to Namibia in July 2019

14 Dec 2017

Following a successful trip to China this summer, we are delighted to announce that our next student expedition will go to Namibia in July 2019. 

Home to the planet’s oldest, and possibly, most beautiful desert, Namibia is a country which has a palpable sense of wilderness and few countries in Africa are able to match its sheer natural beauty. The journey starts with a four to five day trek through one of the world’s largest canyons, the Fish River Canyon. Swims in shaded rock pools and chances to rest our feet in sulphur pools will break up this incredible journey in which we will be surrounded by rock formations that we formed over 500 million years ago.  After this amazing, yet intense start, we will spend the following few days floating down the Orange River and observe first-hand the world’s oldest rock desert as well as the Kingfisher and Fish Eagle. We will be awestruck by the millions of stars as we sleep on the river bank beside the Willow and Ebony. The architecture of Swakopmund, Namibia’s adrenaline capital, takes us back through time and Namibia’s complex colonial history while a visit to Kolmanskop shows us a very different side of the country’s commercial history. This 19/20-day journey of a lifetime will leave an impression on you, which will remain forever.

The trip is being coordinated by the School Travel Consultancy – an Exeter based tour operator specialising in educational adventures. For more information please visit

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