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GCSE Results 2018: Exceptional Achievements at Ealing Independent College

23 Aug 2018

This year’s GCSE results have indicated continued strength across Ealing Independent College, with almost 80% of students achieving at least grade 4 and above in the new specifications, or C and above in the IGCSE Sciences and Languages which the College offers. The College is extremely proud of all of the students who have been with us through their two-year GCSE courses. In addition, the value which the College has added to the results of students who enrolled in the College to improve their existing grades from previous schools has been very pleasing this year, with some students enjoying substantial grade enhancement in the subjects which they have retaken, enabling them to move towards A Level courses.

Principal of Ealing Independent College, Dr Ian Moores, commented: "The GCSE results are fantastic this year. I am particularly delighted to see a very good number of our GCSE retake students attaining top grades that will surely secure their academic futures. I taught many of the GCSE students this year in the last four months, and so I have been able to witness them growing into more confident and mature individuals as well as moving forward academically. It is a great privilege to be so involved in shaping the futures of these impressive young men and women."

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were some wonderful individual performances, detailed below:

Sara, who scored an incredible 3 A*s across the sciences, 2 8 grades in English Language and Literature (the equivalent to A*), alongside a 7 grade in Maths (equivalent to an A grade), an A in History and a B grade in French sitting her exams one year early, improved her GCSE profile further this year whilst embarking on year 12 courses. Sara scored an incredible 9 grade in Art GCSE, befitting of her immense talent. She also scored an impressive 7 grade in Religious Studies.

Vincent performed superbly well across his GCSE subjects, attaining a grade 8 in English Language, to go with A* grades in Biology and Physics. He also achieved grade 7s in English Literature, Mathematics and History, alongside an A grade in Chemistry. Two subjects which Vincent took on intensively in one year, Business Studies and Religious Studies, resulted in B grades. He was able to cope with a high workload this year very well, and should be proud of his results.

Aqeel’s results in the Sciences were a particular standout, with an A* grade in Biology and A grades in Chemistry and Physics. Aqeel’s other results are also strong, with a grade 6 in Mathematics, two grade 5s in English Language and Literature, a grade 5 in History and a C in French. Aqeel emerges with the EBacc range of subjects, and a fitting reward for his determined approach as year 11 progressed.

Sultan produced creditable results having joined the College in year 9, and he has shown that he is a student with undoubted talent. His grade 7 in Religious Studies, along with B grades in Biology and Chemistry, and grade 6s in History and English Literature are well deserved. Grade 5s in English Language, Mathematics and a C in Physics complete a strong GCSE profile, and he should be pleased with his efforts.

As well as a fantastic performance from our Year 11 students, many students embarked on a one-year intensive GCSE course with the intention of improving on disappointing performances in their former schools.

There were some real stand-out success stories this year:

Marc took disappointing grades of 655CCDDE to a far more impressive 7A*A*A*C, with a grade enhancement of 8 across five subjects. His performance in the sciences (A*A*A*) is truly exceptional. He is now in a strong position to move on to A Levels with a renewed sense of confidence.

Salman sat his GCSEs in 2017 at a local state school, and enjoyed a huge advancement in grades with the College. He managed to improve the achievement of in Maths and the Sciences from 5BD last academic year to 7A*A*A*, therefore enhancing his results profile by 6 grades, and converting a Double Science Award to Triple Science. His work ethic was faultless this academic year.

Zaineb is another student who had huge success in sitting the sciences separately. She came to us from a local state school having underperformed in double science, attaining CD there. This year, she managed to lift her results to A*AB in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, far more in keeping with her ability.

Yudai, an international student from Japan, benefitted from our EFL support programme, the small classes and rigorous monitoring programme which the College embeds within the academic process of the institution. Yudai took his previous GCSE results 6 in Maths, with DEU in Biology, Economics and Physics up to a far more impressive 7 in Maths, and Bs in all three sciences, therefore enjoying a substantial grade enhancement of 6.

Rahul thrived under the closer monitoring system which the College provides. He also ensured that he struck up close relationships with his teachers in all subjects to enhance his performance. He took his DC in Double Science to ABC (a grade enhancement of 5) in the separate sciences. He also excelled in taking Business Studies intensively in just one year, and attaining an excellent B grade. Rahul is now in an excellent position to move onto A Levels, with a more effective set of study skills.

Congratulations to our GCSE students for their excellent results. 

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