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The EIC Engineering Club

01 May 2018

College life is more than lessons, homework and tests, and at EIC we ensure to provide a range of different clubs and societies for our students. A popular club amongst our budding engineers is the engineering club led by our Head of Engineering, Adrian Winiecki, and Head of Physics, Askhan Ajeer. 

Ashkan outlines the goal and activities of the club.

The main goal of the engineering club is to develop the problem solving skills through a methodical scientific approach. Our first project was to design and develop an electric motor. This was a great opportunity to get first-hand experience of taking a seemingly abstract theory, such as electromagnetism and using it to make a very useful product. The difficulty of making a functioning motor also served to highlight the complexities which arise when taking an idea from paper to production.

During the second term, the focus of the club turned to the use of models in engineering. We wanted to test what forms of damping would work on a high-rise building. To do this, students built a model building and connected it to a mechanical vibrator to simulate an earthquake. It was very encouraging to see the students use theories they learned during the first project to develop a sensor used to measure the frequency and amplitude of the vibrations.

Participating in the engineering club helps students recognise the time and effort that goes into the development of everyday products we take for granted, and ultimately makes them more inquisitive. The methodical approach and trial and error nature of engineering are transferable skills which can aid students in many areas of their lives; hopefully helping them to see that most problems are merely projects that can be solved with the right approach.

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