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Extra-Curricular Opportunities 2017

31 Aug 2017

College life is more than lessons, homework and exams. It is important that students make the most of what is on offer in terms of the extra-curricular provision. At university, there are a wide variety of societies, clubs and associations which will encourage participation, and the College looks to provide a taster of what will follow. In past years the College has offered numerous activities and will do so again for this academic year. Please see a selection of opportunities available below. 

Ealing Independent College Football Club

Champions for the last two years, and unbeaten throughout the 2016-2017 season, the side have entered a new league which promises to be more challenging. It is run by Director of Studies, Allan Cairns, who manages the team. Training runs throughout the year. Matches are on Tuesdays.

Tag Rugby
Tag rugby is a sport for both boys and girls at the College, and one that is physically demanding but also great fun. This club is run by Adrian Winiecki, our Head of Engineering, who used to play for Wasps Rugby Club.

Running club
Again, this is a club for both males and females, and for those of all abilities. This is a great way to keep fit, and the ultimate goal is to prepare runners to be able to run 5 km.

Overseas Expedition
The College completed an inaugural overseas expedition to China in 2017, combining cultural and physical challenges. Planning is underway to run a second trip abroad, likely to be in the summer of 2019. All students are eligible to come, whether still attending the College then or not.

Debating society
Run by Phil Brack and Phil Carr, this society looks to challenge students to improve their public speaking and ability to formulate arguments coherently and in a sophisticated manner. A debating competition is entered each year.

Writing, both creatively and for the College newsletter
Under the guidance of Head of English Phil Carr, students can contribute to the College newsletter, or learn how to improve their writing creatively. The College has had a great deal of past success in the publication of student work, whether as a full text, or a contribution to one.

Musical appreciation and performance
The Principal of the College, Dr Ian Moores, is a classically trained vocalist and pianist, and has run a very well received society based around classical music. Dr Moores offers guidance to students who wish to widen their musical abilities, with a view to performing in assemblies.

Art and Photography
Dimitrios Oikonomou, who leads the teaching of Art at the College, runs gallery visits and classes which offer direction in drawing, painting and Art appreciation. Photography, taught by Kerim Aytac, also offers trips to galleries.

Our head of Modern Foreign Languages, Vera Messarius, runs a club which offers introductory lessons in several world languages. In the past, German, French and Spanish classes have been very successful, with plans to do similar courses in Chinese, Portuguese and Italian.

Further Clubs and Socities

Students can also join our Engineering Society, Medical Science Society, Chess Club, Politics and Economy Society, to name a few. The clubs and societies meet weekly and are led by a member of our staff. 

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