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Ealing Independent College Scholarship Competition 2018

18 Dec 2017

At Ealing Independent College, we are committed to providing an excellent education that opens doors to top universities and allows students to reach their true potential. To ensure that gifted applicants and those who would not be able to attend the College without financial support benefit from the education we provide, we award scholarships to exceptionally gifted and ambitious students.

For 2018 we are delighted to announce that we are launching a scholarship competition especially for those who are interested in joining our GCSE and A-Level programmes in Year 9/10 (GCSE) and Year 12 (A-Level), where up to a 100% scholarship will be awarded. For both GCSE (Y9/10) and A-Level (Y12) we will provide one scholarship worth 50% of the tuition fees and one scholarship worth 100% (i.e. a total of 4 scholarships awarded). Recipients of the scholarships are expected to work hard, achieve their academic goals, and contribute positively to the College community; both academically and socially. 

Competition Details

Students who would like to join our scholarship competition will be requested to sit a GCSE or A-Level test on Thursday 8th of February. The test will be made up of English, Maths and general skills questions. The candidates who score the highest on the test will be invited in for an interview with the Principal and Director of Studies. The winners will be chosen and announced by end of February on a basis of a successful scholarship test, satisfactory academic records, and interview with the Principal and Director of Studies. 

How to Participate

To enter the competition simply register your participation by filling in the form to the right by Wednesday 31 January 2018. Please note this competition is only open for those who are looking to join our Y9/10 or Y12 for September 2018. 


The winners of the scholarship competition will be announced by end of February, and we will expect them to join our next Open Evening on Thursday 1 March to meet teachers, students and to do a little talk to families who are attending the event.

To learn more and register for the competition please click here.  

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