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Ealing A2 show cutting edge to notch excellent victory

11 Dec 2015

League match – 10th December 2015

Ealing Independent College 3-2 Albemarle College

Team: Azim, Jamie G, Mohamed, Gere (Jamie C), Jamie R (Hamza), Hamze, Krystian, Evan

Goal scorers: Hamze 2, Evan

Amidst the driving rain last night, Ealing were able to come away with a fine win against Albemarle, much of which was down to hard work and discipline in their structure, along with finally finding the cutting edge they so badly lacked in their last outing against David Game College. The conditions ensured the start of the game was scrappy – both sides struggled to pass accurately and couldn’t seem to make any headway. Mid way through the first half though, Ealing were gifted a penalty when the Albemarle number 17 strayed into the box to make a clearance. Designated taker Hamze confidently strode up and placed the ball powerfully beyond the keeper’s reach to give the whites an advantage. A congested midfield and two evenly matched teams ensured that a fairly dull game struggled on. Albemarle were probing without making any real chances, before Jamie G was deemed to have committed the same offence as had happened less than 10 minutes previously. The Albemarle number 5 struck the ball well to find the equalizer but Azim will be perhaps wondering if he could have got a hand to it to keep it out.

Good work by Evan, Jamie R and Krystian in closing down the hesitant Albemarle defence was making them very panicky. When they weren’t able to clear long, they took no chances in getting the ball out. Late in the first half however, they were caught out. The three aforementioned players worked well to wriggle clear of the defence, before Jamie R supplied the ammunition for Hamze to find the net for the second time that evening. It wasn’t the cleanest strike, but the Albemarle goalkeeper was unable to do enough to stop Ealing taking the lead again. A small flurry of Albemarle pressure ended an even half. The coaches’ team talk revolved around the fact that despite only playing well in very small patches, Ealing had the lead, and that a better performance in the second half would surely bring victory. Two changes were made, with Jamie C replacing the hard-working Gere, and Hamza looking to add some flair to the grit of Jamie R.

Jamie C almost had the perfect introduction. The ball came loose in the midfield and he advanced on to the ball, whistling a powerful shot just beyond the despairing ‘keeper’s left hand post. The rest of Jamie’s half would not be as encouraging. He took his instructions to be destructive in front of the defence too literally, and a spate of late challenges, particularly dished out on the unfortunate short, blonde winger, resulted in his having to be subbed off for Jamie R before being sent off. In the meantime, Ealing had given themselves breathing space with a very well-worked goal, an early contender for College goal of the season. Evan got the ball just inside the Albemarle half, passed it on to Hamza who then played it into Hamze. His lay off was handsomely driven into the bottom corner first time by Evan from at least 15 yards. The flame haired striker’s passionate celebration was a response to having a goal chalked off for infringing in the area moments before. Despite such an improved second half, Ealing still found time to gift Albemarle a goal. Hesitant defending and goalkeeping were punished, leading to a nervy last minute, but they saw it out.

Man of the Match: Evan.

More than just providing a spectacular goal, Evan’s all round work rate was superb, exemplified by the fact that with minutes to go, he was defending and winning fouls for the team deep in his own half.

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