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A Visit to Oxford University

19 Jun 2018

When June arrives at Ealing Independent College it’s that time of the year again, where scarves have been swapped for glasses of the tinted variety, heads are down in anticipation of the summer mocks and guests speakers are being booked up for the yearly UCAS week at the College. A period of time allocated so that Year 12 can make some educated choices about how they are going to invest into the next chapter of their academic lives.

Some students seem to be born with it all sorted, a clear idea of what A levels, University and career awaits them. However these students are far and few between and the reality is that most students don’t know and that’s just fine; hence UCAS week.

But prior to UCAS week students needed some inspiration and our first day of that led us to Oxford university.

After a short trip by coach we arrived in Oxford and were greeted outside the wonderful Ashmolean museum by Peter and Paul, undergraduate students of Oxford university studying Law and Mathematics.

They took the lead and gave the students and teachers a really engaging personal tour of New College and Divinity School. Giving students a wonderful insight into the daily life of a university student at Oxford university. The students were really inspired by the beauty of the two colleges, but also there was no getting away from the aura of academia, it’s in the walls. Whichever college you entered it was clear they were places of learning and the students found this really inspiring, especially as they had their own summer mocks around the corner.

After a great lunch at the Vaults cafe, it was time to experience the local past time; punting. Surprisingly the boys were a little shy of taking control of the Punts, but luckily we had two tough girls in the group, Camilla and Farana, who proved themselves to be excellent captains. Sadly the students suffered no more than a few sprinkles of the local river, but did arrive back home in London with a good understanding of what it takes to be a student at Oxford university.

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