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2014 GCSE Exam Highlights

29 Aug 2014

Bulletin GCSE examination results Summer 2014

This year’s GCSE results are amongst the best that the College has ever produced, with 80% of students achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Mathematics. Ealing Independent College has always managed to secure very creditable GCSE results, particularly when viewed in comparison to schools in the local context. The table below shows recent examination performance with the percentage of students achieving 5A*-C grades including English and Maths, along with the results of some of our competitors.

*Acorn Independent College71%80%54% -
*Davies Laing and Dick College35%32%8% -
Drayton Manor High School69%60%67% -
*Duff Miller75%25%39% -
*Ealing Independent College83%70%63%80%
*Lansdowne College73%71%39% -
*MPW61%42%0% -
*Regent College82%27%44% -
St. Benedict’s School100%89%89% -
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls62%56%65% -
Twyford C of E High School85%68%77% -

*Independent fifth- and sixth-form colleges (formerly tutorial colleges)

 # Official results yet to be published

Amongst the Year 11 cohort, there were some tremendous individual performances which are celebrated below:

Mohamed Hamza showed great endeavour, working contentiously to achieve outstanding grades of A*A*A*AA in English, Mathematics, Double Science Award and ICT. What makes this an even more impressive achievement is that these exams were taken whilst Mohamed was coming to the end of his Year 10. He now intends to return to the College in order to study further GCSE courses.

Daniel Lee performed superbly in his GCSE examinations, gaining two A* grades in Biology and Chemistry, and four A grades in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Physics.

Haya Maki also excelled, attaining an exceptional six A* grades in English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and French, as well as a B grade in English Language.

Malcolm Olsson attained an excellent A*A*A*AAC in his subject examinations, combining French and Spanish with English Language, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.

As well as a fantastic performance from our Year 11 students, many students embarked on a one-year intensive GCSE course with the intention of improving on disappointing performances in their former schools. Thanks to a greater set of results, these students are now in a far better position to approach further study.

The following students deserve to be commended for their efforts over the academic year:

Chante Dale arrived at the school in September 2013, having achieved some very disappointing GCSE results (CDDDEF) at her former school. Thriving in an environment and atmosphere within the College which acted as a catalyst to focus her efforts towards greater achievement, she improved to attain grades of ABBCCD.

Evan Davies enrolled at Ealing Independent College having underachieved at his former school. He attained CCCDDDEE and wanted to give himself a better chance of moving onto higher education. Through great will and having studied for some of his GCSEs independently, with only guidance through Skype, Evan was able to improve his grades to BBBBCC.

Rishi Modha decided to come to Ealing Independent College having obtained some underwhelming GCSE results from Chiswick School (ACCDDD). Through self-discipline, rigour and conscientious studying habits, he was able to lift his GCSE grades to A*AABB. He now intends to study A Levels at the College.

Trung Ta Huu came to Ealing in September 2013, having previously been educated in Vietnam. Having achieved DDDDEF in his GCSE examinations, he wanted to improve these grades. Despite initial language and confidence difficulties, Trung was given intensive support throughout the year which resulted in a remarkable improvement, finally attaining CCCCC in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology and Physics.

Strong performance at GCSE provides an excellent foundation for AS and A2 level studies and the College is very proud of the results achieved by this year’s GCSE cohort. The results show that a combination of the strong work ethic instilled throughout the College’s learning environment, along with the outstanding quality of teaching has led to tremendous achievement.

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