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2014 A-Level highlights

14 Aug 2014

Bulletin – A-level examination results and university destinations Summer 2014

This year’s A-level results are amongst the best ever. Ealing Independent College has always managed to secure very creditable examination results, particularly when viewed alongside our major competitors. The College has gained a reputation in the locality for its excellent value added scores and competitive tuition fees compared with similar colleges in Central London.

The table below shows the average points score per A-level entry for the last three years – 2013, 2012 and 2011 for the College and some of our competitors. These statistics are taken directly from the Department for Education website and so are a very accurate reflection of how a school is performing.

Number of Students at the end of KS5 and average A-level points per entry

*Acorn Independent College32 / 219.533 / 181.921 / 216.7204.38
*Davies Laing and Dick College67 / 220.2111 / 229.471 / 223.6225.27
Drayton Manor High School155 / 209.7150 / 213.2161 / 210.4211.06
*Duff Miller52 / 223.7114 / 226.187 / 235.2228.73
*Ealing Independent College24 / 214.831 / 234.125 / 219.2223.65
*Lansdowne College54 / 225.440 / 219.571 / 218.5221
*MPW143 / 228.3161 / 227154 / 224.1226.4
*Regent College41 / 199.548 / 20236 / 204.3201.8
St. Benedict’s School87 / 234.794 / 237.996 / 237.8236.8
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls133 / 206138 / 203.7133 / 211.3206.95
Twyford C of E High School198 / 236.4246 / 234.3223 / 238236.16

*Independent fifth- and sixth-form colleges (formerly tutorial colleges)

 Amar Bhogal joined the College in September 2012 having studied at Langley Grammar School for AS levels.  His results at AS were disappointing (CCCE). He enrolled at Ealing to improve his chances of securing top grades. Amar has now obtained AAA in Biology Chemistry and Mathematics and will read Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. 

Stephan Chee studied in Singapore up to O-level. He embarked on an eighteen month A-level programme at Ealing In December 2010. He has achieved AAA in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. He took a ‘gap year’ and worked as the Principal’s assistant at the College. Stephan is an aspiring medic, and has chosen to study Biomedical Science at Queen Mary, University of London; he will then embark on a medical degree after his Bachelor’s degree.

Julian Coquet-Benka was educated in Ireland and decided to embark on an A-level intensive course at the College in September 2013, having realised that his performance in the Irish A-level equivalent was not good enough to secure a place at a UK university on the course of his choice. Julian obtained A*AA in Chemistry, Physics and Maths and will now read Investment and Financial Risk at City University.

Abdallah El Haj Ahmad studied for his A-levels at Qatar International School where he under-achieved. He has studied on the one year Intensive programme at Ealing, during which time he has learnt key study skills and has made very good progress. Abdallah has now improved his A-level performance by seven grades and will be reading Medical Sciences at the University of Leeds this September.

Jude and Muhammed Merza both joined the College having spent a year at Lansdowne College studying for GCSE and AS levels respectively. They wanted a fresh start and they had heard such positive comments about Ealing Independent College that they decided to embark on an A-level course in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics here. Jude obtained A*AA and Muhammed obtained ABB. Jude will be working as the Principal's Science Assistant during the next academic year and will then embark on to University to read Medicine. Muhammed will be reading Biomedical Science at King’s College.

David Paul studied for his A-levels at Drayton Manor High School, where he underachieved: he achieved CUUU in his AS year. He then decided to come to Ealing to follow our two-year course in Biology, Geography and History and obtained BBC, an impressive achievement. He will now read Geography and History at Oxford Brookes University.

Veena Paruchuri came from Lampton School, where she achieved BBC in Mathematics, Psychology and Biology.  After receiving her results, Veena decided that she would study Physics A-level over one year on our intensive course in order to be a realistic applicant for Biomedical Engineering.  She obtained A* in Physics and will now read Biomedical Engineering at the University of Surrey.

Pirathiepan Navendan came to Ealing from Mill Hill County High School, where he achieved ABB in his A-levels. He joined our one-year intensive programme in two subjects and obtained A*A* in Mathematics and Economics. He will now read Economics at the University of Nottingham.

Charlotte Watters joined the College in September 2013, having previously studied at Twyford Church of England High School for two years, where she obtained BBC at A-level. She enrolled at Ealing to improve her chances of securing a place at a top university. She resat Mathematics and went from a C to an A. She will now read Geography at the University of Manchester.

 Some of our AS students also deserve to be mentioned due to their excellent performance:

Fatima Amin joined Ealing Independent College in September 2012, after having been educated in Ghana. In September 2013 she sat for her GCSEs and got outstanding results – 4A*s, 2As and 2Bs. She then embarked on our two-year A-level programme and has just obtained AAAB in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at AS level.

Natalie Commey came to Ealing in September 2013, having previously been educated in Kenya. She joined our regular A-level course and obtained AAAA at AS level in Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics and Psychology.

My Linh Pham also joined the College in September 2013, having previously been educated in Vietnam. She obtained A* in her full A-level Maths and AB in AS Computing and Economics.  Next year she will continue her A2 courses, as well as A-level Further Maths.

Kirstin Panganiban decided to come to Ealing after having obtained some disappointing AS results in her previous school (BBDE). She embarked on a full A-level Maths course and obtained an A. She also got AC in AS Biology and Economics.  Next year she will carry on with her A2 studies, as well as A-level Further Maths.

 Good A-level results can only be achieved if they are based on a sound GCSE foundation. The College is also very proud of the results obtained in recent years at GCSE.

The table below shows the percentage of students achieving 5+ A*-C GCSEs including English and Maths for the last three years for the College and for some of our competitors. Obviously, this year's results are not yet available for other colleges.  However, at Ealing Independent College we have yet again obtained over 80% 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths.

Students with weak to moderate GCSE results who are considering embarking on an A-level programme might well be better served by following a one-year intensive GCSE course beforehand. The College offers this and has produced outstanding value added results.

*Acorn Independent College71%80%54%
*Davies Laing and Dick College35%32%8%
Drayton Manor High School69%70%67%
*Duff Miller75%25%29%
*Ealing Independent College83%70%63%
*Lansdowne College73%71%39%
*Regent College82%27%44%
St. Benedict’s School100%89%89%
The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls62%56%65%
Twyford C of E High School85%68%77%

*Independent fifth- and sixth-form colleges (formerly tutorial colleges)

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