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27 Mar 2018

"My child is very happy studying at Ealing Independent College. The classes are small and the tutors are truly interested in the students. It feels like the tutors want your children to succeed as much as you, the parent, and as much as the student does too. Tutors keep parents well informed of their child's progress and personally inform you of success and/or of any concerns they have."

Just one of the many comments I was delighted to read from our recent parent survey conducted this term. As a small college we take great pride in the personalised learning environment and the close relationships we are able to form with students and their parents. It is a hallmark of the College, and I truly believe that it is because of our size and the particular ethos and environment we provide that we successfully help students reach their potential. When students join the College a partnership is created, and through hard work, dedication and dialogue between the College, parents and the students, they leave Ealing with grades and university destinations they could only have dreamed of.

However, I don’t want to give the impression that it is just strong teaching and the ethos of the school that are important in driving academic results, the dedication and industry of the student is the third key ingredient. It is certainly true to say though, that students will only find the necessary drive if they feel properly supported and inspired by the tutors who teach them. We are very fortunate in being able to attract the very best teachers in the profession.

From the recent survey results, it was particularly pleasing to see that 90% of our parents agree and strongly agree that their child is taught well at the College. Combined with feedback from our recent student survey where 90% of students agree and strongly agree that teachers really care about them and want them to do well, it is an affirmation to the passion and dedication staff here at the College have in supporting each student’s learning journey.

You might ask what makes our approach to learning so successful.  It is simple. We tailor the individual academic programme to the individual. This is bespoke learning where the student feels that his/her individual needs are met.

The individual is at the core of all elements that make up our unique approach to teaching and learning. As a College we are not satisfied with just teaching you the curriculum and turn you into a particular stereotype; we want to help you become the best version of yourself. We want to help you celebrate and develop your individuality and to achieve your true potential.

With this in mind, our unique approach is simple:

  • A personalised learning journey is created for each student when they join us for their GCSE and A-Level courses. We take the time to understand goals, ambitions and interest to ensure that a programme with this in mind is developed
  • We ensure small class sizes of around eight students, allowing students to benefit from group discussions and individual support from the teacher
  • Students are assigned a personal tutor who meet with them every day to monitor performance and provide advice and support
  • As a small college we ensure a friendly learning environment where students receive support and encouragement not only from staff but also from their peers
  • We have an effective performance tracking system in place, allowing each student to take ownership of their own learning and progress. Students also take an active part in assessing each other’s work and support each other’s learning
  • Students attend supervised study periods in between lessons, allowing them to catch up on homework, prepare for tests and revise what they have learned
  • Students are tested approximately every two weeks in each subject to ensure that concepts and curriculum are understood and their minds are firmly focused on enhancing their learning

This approach is why Ealing Independent College is consistently ranked amongst the top in the country in helping students progress academically, but it is only effective through a strong partnership between the College, students and their parents. Together we develop the student’s learning journey at the College and beyond.  I was very pleased to see that 95% of our parents rated parental dialogue and communication as very good or excellent in the recent survey. It is a testament to the strong focus we place on ensuring the parent-student-teacher triangle of communication is working effectively in supporting each student.

Having been the Principal of Ealing Independent College for 17 years I have witnessed many individual success stories of hard working students who have achieved above and beyond their potential. As they have left the College and continued their learning and career development, it always gives me great satisfaction to hear from them and see their development into exceptional individuals who make a valuable contribution in their respective fields – whether that be in the field of medicine, business, science or otherwise.

I was delighted to read a wonderful tribute to the College by Ali Al Sibahi, who left the College in 2015 with AAB in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. He is now in his third year at UCL reading Pharmacy:

“I will never forget Ealing Independent College for helping me to boost my grades, believe in myself and achieve my goals. Whilst I used my own sheer determination and hard work to get where I am today; the support, teaching quality and atmosphere at EIC played a big role in helping me realise my own potential. Without EIC, I don’t know where I would be today.”

We are very proud of Ali’s achievements since leaving the College, and it is delightful to see how he has blossomed into a confident young man, whilst still remaining the exceptional individual we welcomed to Ealing just over 6 years ago.

With the individual in mind, Ealing Independent College will continue to help every student who walks through our door reach his or her true potential.

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