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30 Apr 2018

There is a sense of anticipation in the air at the College as we have entered into the last term of this academic year. Not only has spring finally made its way to London with a promise of sunshine and warm weather, but the highly anticipated exam season is just around the corner. It is the talk around the College, not only amongst students but also staff. The staff room has a buzz of excitement as we eagerly discuss how hard the students are working and what more we can do to ensure they achieve their true potential and walk into each exam feeling calm, prepared and ready to show off their knowledge, skills, creativity and critical thinking.  Heads of Department have prepared topic revision plans for all subjects, and each week there is a test that allows students to see how they are progressing. They will be able to very accurately monitor their progress and performance ahead of the actual exams, as they can compare their test results with target grades and previous mock exam performance. Ensuring any knowledge gaps are filled is essential at this stage.

Personal Tutors are also meeting with each student in their form to support them during this important period. Exam preparation is so much more than just knowing the curriculum and filling knowledge gaps. It is about mastering nerves and keeping calm when feeling the pressure, and it is about managing time well. The Personal Tutor looks at test marks and grades alongside expectations, predictions and previous performances. Students who are not ‘on track’ are guided in a variety of ways. It is possible that extra revision sessions are prescribed, or one to one sessions arranged through liaison with academic departments.  The College pays careful attention to individual needs: bespoke learning or revision plans can be implemented at any time to give additional support. It is in this way that the College ensures students reach their potential.

There are many great examples of staff going above and beyond to ensure students are fully prepared for their exams – one great example being our Vice Principal (Pastoral), Dr Liz Chare, deciding to sit A-Level exams in Biology together with her tutees for moral support. All the key academic staff are now offering additional revision sessions to give students the extra confidence they need at this stage.

From they enter the exam room to when students receive their grades in August all members of staff at Ealing Independent College are with each student every step of their journey. Some of our students have been with us since their GCSE programme, others joined for the A-Level programme or the one year Intensive Programme to improve their grades. No matter how long or short a period of time they have spent with us, we want them all to work hard, succeed and achieve their goals.

One such student I was delighted to hear from recently is Vivek Badiani who left the College in 2013 with AAB in Biology, Chemistry and Economics. Vivek joined us for the A-Level programme with BBC at AS from his first year of study, knowing that he had the potential to achieve so much more. Vivek worked incredibly hard in his second A-level year in the more supportive environment the College offers; he was focused and utilised all the tools he was provided with at Ealing Independent College to ensure he succeeded. He is now completing his Masters in Graphene Technology at the University of Cambridge. We are incredibly proud of his achievements and look forward to following his no doubt very successful career in the coming years.

I wish all of our students the very best of luck on their exams.

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