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Marking at the College - Correct and Direct

20 Nov 2018

Marking at the College - Correct and Direct

A fundamental aspect of College life is in ensuring that strong relationships are abundant between teachers and students. At Ealing, we have worked to create an environment which promotes regular, transparent and effective communication between staff, pupils and parents or guardians. This is present within all means of communication - during lessons, in reports, when providing progress updates to parents, and, perhaps most importantly, through the College marking policy.

All students at the College are issued with a green pen and they use it to actively respond to teacher feedback concerning their work. By doing this, the students 'own' their mistakes and the remedying of them, or are set challenging questions to extend their answers further. Due to the small class sizes, opportunities to provide detailed feedback for students are maximised and capitalised on, and students get into the habit of reflecting on their work, and then formulating ways and means to improve.


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