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Learning Effectively in a Comfortable Environment

28 Mar 2018

In a recent student survey conducted at Ealing Independent College, 90% of students agree or strongly agree that their teachers really care about them and want them to do well. 

Riyal joined Ealing Independent College for her GCSE studies. Now in Year 13 and her last year of A-Level studies, she shares her thoughts on the teaching and learning at EIC.

As a student, I feel that the classes at the College are outstanding due to well qualified and versatile teachers who provide unique learning experiences that teach us priceless skills. With the help of supportive teachers and small classes, students are able to learn effectively in a comfortable environment, which often initiates thought provoking discussions. There is a great sense of community present at the College due the approachable teachers. I feel I can openly communicate with them. They offer enriching extra circular activities such as the Biomedical Society, First Aid Club, and Debate Club, which instil team work skills. The staff at Ealing Independent College is caring, patient and persistent. They effectively provide a proper and thorough education.

In classes, I feel free and confident enough to ask questions as my teachers are always willing to help. They also regularly take interest in the student’s wellbeing and help to enhance our academic potential. I know that they are always available to advise on university applications and personal issues.

As well as this, I am able to rely on my peers for support and guidance in the classroom. Teachers create an environment for friendly competition which pushes me and my fellow classmates to aim higher. Students are regularly tested on knowledge in the class, allowing teachers to determine the general weaknesses; this ensures that we gain a full understanding. My teachers are organised, compassionate and understanding. They customise and use a diverse range of teaching methods to suit every student’s needs. Not only this but I feel that my teachers are ideal role models as I can look up to them and gain inspiration from them. A combination of this, the small class sizes, and the excellent teaching, allows for a well-rounded education that prepares me for the future.

Riyal (Year 13)

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