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28 Feb 2019

There will be very few schools in the UK that can boast such a large positive and sustained Progress Score (Value Added) over many years – Ealing Independent College is one of them! This is a tribute to both students and staff who work so very hard together to ensure that all those entered for public examinations reach their academic potential and more.

These days, so much depends on the students’ performance at A-level, not least for securing a place at a top ranking university. It is so gratifying to see the majority of Ealing’s students securing their first or second choice place at university.

In the most recent 2019 DfE League Tables where the summer 2018 public examinations’ results are recorded, the College achieved another very healthy Progress Score of +0.5 which places the College in the top 5% of schools across the country. This is an outstanding achievement in itself, but when seen in context against a consistently good Progress Score over many years, it makes this year’s result all the more rewarding.

Parents can be assured that when they enrol their son or daughter at the College we will get the very best out of them – our performance in the Schools’ league Tables bears this out.

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