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22 Feb 2018

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstein

Mathematics at EIC is taught through a wide variety of resources and teaching styles that focus on the needs of the individual.

The superb teaching of Mathematics at the College is based around three principles that have evolved from many years of successful teaching experience meshed with the most up to date research on the teaching of mathematics.

High Quality Teaching – at EIC we ensure that our teachers have a deep knowledge of the mathematics that goes far beyond the curriculum to ensure that every lesson is engaging, motivational and able to stretch even the most able student on a daily basis.

Marking and Feedback – copying out corrections will only every get you so far. Our mission in the maths faculty is to develop students who are able to self-correct and direct their own learning. This method of “Self-Reporting” is proven to have major impact of progress. We like to think this method of supporting students to embrace their failures, allows students to become powerful learners throughout their lifetime; long after they have left EIC. 

Enrichment – stretching and developing a student’s mind is not a bolt on addition to lessons at EIC. Every maths lesson at EIC gives students the opportunity in KS4 and 5 to complete enrichment activities that are relevant to the curriculum and success in exams and university. This means that students have daily access to UK maths challenge questions and MAT/STEP questions for the mature students as they prepare for their university interview. In addition, we often take part in national competitions, which the students find thrilling. The most recent being the UK maths challenge, which was a wonderful opportunity for students to their thinking skills against all other students in the nation who took part.

At EIC we don’t only prepare students to be confident in taking mathematical examinations, we teach them to be passionate about their own mathematical ability to solve challenging problems.

Adrian Winiecki 

Head of Engineering (Physics and Maths)

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