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21 Feb 2018

The recent School Performance Tables reinforces the position of the College as a strong academic institution that brings out the very best in its students; the consistently high Progress Score is testament to this. 

In the London area, the College stands out amongst its competitors as a beacon of excellence in this area particularly but not exclusively. 

Through strong teaching, supervised study, close academic and pastoral monitoring, students make real steps forward. Parents and students can be confident that Ealing Independent College brings out the very best in its students academically. There are very few institutions of this type where personal tutors meet with their tutees on a daily basis. It is particularly noteworthy that students at the College start to look at possible university courses they thought to be outside of their league; they do this on the strength of the College's past performance of value added scores and previous outstanding individual performances. It is not unusual for students to improve their A-level grade by 3 or 4 grades by embarking on an intensive (one year) A-level programme. The College has come a long way in the seventeen years I have been at the helm, and I am very gratified and proud to see the stable and reputable academic institution that has grown up in this time.

Dr Ian Moores


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