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Ealing Independent College boasts strong performances each year amongst our humanities, languages and social sciences departments. Many students have gone on to study Politics, Economics, Philosophy and English Literature at leading universities such as LSE, UCL, Exeter and Queen Mary.

The Humanities, languages and social sciences departments encompass a broad range of subjects, aimed at embedding a secure understanding of the world. They lead to profound personal development, and teaches students to engage with ideas critically and independently, equipping them with the skills necessary to understand, use judgement carefully and make arguments eloquently. Being able to think and write with competency, as well as having the ability to work well with people, debating and exploring new ideas in the process, is not only useful in preparing students for university and beyond, but is also inspiring.

To ensure we provide extra support for students with career aspirations within business and law, we run a Business Programme that helps prepare them for their chosen career path and university studies.

Business Programme

The Business Programme at Ealing Independent College is offered to students who want a businessrelated focus to their choice of A-Levels. The College offers A-Levels in Business Studies, Economics, and Government and Politics. Business Studies is also offered at GCSE.

Through our Business Programme students are offered:

  • Detailed information on University entrance requirements and procedures
  •  Assistance in choosing suitable universities
  • Preparation and guidance for the LNAT examination where this is required (for Law courses)
  • Help with completing and presenting the UCAS form
  • Advice on how to organise relevant work experience
  • Lectures and discussions conducted by Economists, Lawyers, Bankers and other business professionals
  • Information about open days at universities
  • In-house discussion and debates on current issues such as the Single Currency, the Budget, the Stock Market and European Law
  • Interview preparation and practice

The programme is overseen by our Head of Social Sciences, Phil Brack, who himself read PPE at Oxford University and offers many years of experience in his field.


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