Specialist Programmes

Specialist Programmes

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The College offers the following speciality programmes for students who are studying sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. 

The Medical Science and Engineering Programmes are overseen by our Head of Engineering, Adrian Winiecki, and our Vice Principal (Pastoral), Elizabeth Chare, who both have years of experience in their fields. The Business Programme is overseen by our Head of Social Sciences, Phil Brack, who himself read PPE at Oxford University and offers many years of experience in his field.

Students on these programmes are all aiming for places at the UK’s top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, LSE, UCL, Queen Mary’s and Bristol.

The services offered on our specialist programmes are:




"Ealing Independent College provides excellent teaching quality, small class sizes and a friendly environment around the College. For those who are considering applying to the College I would say you will not regret the decision to join us here."

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"Ealing Independent College puts you in the perfect mindset to succeed. What I would say to students who are considering the College? Definitely come. If you want to succeed in future goals and if you focus here at the College, you are guaranteed success. And the College also has a lively environment and friendly students."

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