As a small college we take great pride in the personalised learning environment and the close relationships we are able to form with students and their parents. It is a hallmark of the College, and it is because of our size and the particular ethos and environment we provide that we successfully help students reach their potential. When students join the College a partnership is created, and through hard work, dedication and dialogue between the College, parents and the students, they leave EIC with grades and university destinations they could only have dreamed of.

At EIC we teach the individual. We tailor the individual academic programme to the individual. This is bespoke learning where the student feels that his/her individual needs are met.

The individual is at the core of all elements that make up our unique approach to teaching and learning. As a College we are not satisfied with just teaching the curriculum and turn students into a particular stereotype; we want to help our students become the best versions of themselves. We want to help students celebrate and develop their individuality and to achieve their true potential.

Our average Progress Score is +0.37 for the last three years, placing us amongst the top in the country for improving grades.

Students can join us at any stage in their education from the age of 13; from our Pre-GCSE year, to our complete two year GCSE and A-Level programmes, and our one year intensive GCSE and A-Level programmes. 

As a small College we ensure a personalised learning programme that is developed around each student’s academic goals and ambitions.

Classes are kept small with approximately 8 students in each class.

Students are assigned personal tutors who will have daily meetings with them, monitor their performance against set target grades, and provide invaluable university guidance and support.

The passion and dedication our teachers have in helping students reach their academic goals is truly unique. Teachers genuinely want their students to do well and go above and beyond to support each student's learning journey.

As a small college we provide a friendly and intimate learning environment where all staff and students are on a first name basis, and students support and encourage each other's efforts to achieve their academic goals. 

The College Card System helps monitor and track any disparity between measured and expected performance. 

Personal tutors will work closely with students to ensure they make informed decisions on subject selection at the College and secure a successful pathway to their chosen field of study and university. Every Autumn universities join us at the College to educate and inform students on their programmes and admissions process. UCAS days are also hosted every June where universities, alumni and career professionals join us for interesting talks and advice. 


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