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At Ealing Independent College we have a strong track record of helping students reach their true potential enabling them to gain offers from top universities across the country and abroad. When students join the College their personal tutors will help set their post-College progression plan. Our younger students are encouraged to start thinking about their academic future early on, as an early decision will help ensure the right A-Level subjects are chosen. Particularly, if students wish to proceed into competitive academic fields such as Medicine, Dentistry and Law (and not restricted to these disciplines), early planning is crucial. Students aiming for any courses at top universities – Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and London School of Economics also have to plan well in advance to ensure that their application is robust and strong. 

At Ealing, we pride ourselves in the support and guidance we provide all of our students with to ensure they gain access to the university of their choice. Click here to learn more about our University career advice support (UCAS), or view our students' university destinations

University Career Advice and Support

We believe that the guidance and support we offer our students through the process of choosing their field of study and university is crucial for their future success, and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

The personal tutors will ensure that students leave the College secure in their choice of university, and that the choice of study enables them to go on and have successful careers in the industries of interest to them. The tutors will challenge and inspire the students through helping them evaluate and analyse their strengths and weaknesses against interests and aspirations.

Once our students have settled on a university choice, the tutors will help them through the UCAS application process to ensure they gain access to the university of their choice. Support and advice will be provided to our students to help them complete their application and write a successful personal statement to make their application stand out. Ealing Independent College also holds a UCAS week in June aimed at AS students to help them start the process of their UCAS application.

University Destinations

Upon successful completion of A-Level studies at our College, students generally progress to higher education at top UK universities. On average 45% of our students gained a place at a Russell Group University each year. 

In the past, students from Ealing Independent College have received offers and gained places at the UK’s top universities including: 

University Destinations
Oxford University
University of Nottingham
Queen Mary University
London School of Economics
University College London
City University
University of Reading
Warwick University
Imperial College London
University of Westminster
University of Bath
University of Leeds
Brunel University


"The College has helped me reach my future goals by guiding me through selecting universities, any work experience required, as well as the personal statement."

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"What I like the most about Ealing Independent College is the fact that staff are always keen to answer any questions and easy to find, in addition to the productive study atmosphere. Following my time at the College I have now been able to receive an offer to study at my first choice university; UCL."

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