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Ealing Independent College amongst the top in the country in helping students improve their grades

24 Jan 2017

On 19 January 2017 the Department of Education published the GCSE and A-Level performance of schools across England, and we are delighted to announce that Ealing Independent College is amongst the top in the country in securing academic progress for their students. The College’s Progress Score is +0.60*, which places it in the top 35 nationwide, with only 3 other London schools also making it into the top.

Principal of EIC, Dr Ian Moores, commented: ‘Year on year, the College produces strong academic results with quite an exceptional value added score. Consistency is our hallmark! Enrolees at the College can be sure that they will study alongside academically motivated students and achieve results significantly beyond expectations.’ 

Several changes were made by the Department of Education this year in terms of how schools are being measured on their academic performance. This follows teachers having complained over the years that to judge a school purely by its results did not provide parents with the broader information on the academic progress students make from joining to leaving a school. Ealing Independent College has always placed a strong emphasis on providing the best guidance and support for their students to secure academic progress. The consistently strong Progress Score the College receives is a testament to the hard work the Principal and teachers put into ensuring each and every student that joins the College reaches his or her true academic potential.

 ‘I am very proud of the consistently strong academic achievements of students at Ealing Independent College,’ said Mark Malley, CEO of Bellevue Education. ‘To be amongst the top in the country in helping students progress and reach their academic goals truly is a testament to our excellent teachers and the bespoke learning programme the College tailors for each of their students.”

Please note Ealing Independent College will be hosting an Open Evening on Thursday 2 March from 18.30 – 19.30, and would encourage families interested in learning more about the College to attend. To register your attendance for the open evening please click here

*The Progress Score is measured through an interval of +2 to -2. This year the best performing school came in at +1.63 and the worst performing school at -1.22

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