The Unique Qualities of EIC

28 Feb 2017

After failing to achieve a decent range of GCSE grades in my previous college in September 2014, I joined Ealing Independent College and became a member of EIC’s big family. To be honest, I was not expecting to get such a warm welcome from the teachers and students in the way that I did. I felt as if I was entering my second home. The teachers were so supportive and the other students were very friendly.

I must admit that I struggled a lot in my first year; not just because it was an intensive GCSE year, but because the basics had nor been instilled in my education, so in a few areas, I had to start from the beginning. Passing GCSE English was one of my main concerns because it was not my first language and because previously I had failed to attain a C. I used to struggle a lot with producing creative writing pieces. I could never have imagined that in a few months’ time, I would be able to write Grade A pieces in class, which increased my confidence when taking the actual exam.

After retaking my GCSEs, I decided to continue studying at the college and to do my A-Levels here. I am currently in Year 13, studying Government and Politics, Sociology and pursuing Arabic Studies by myself.

As someone with much and varied experience in private education, I can say with confidence that what makes EIC unique is that we learn whilst having fun. There is a saying I now know to be true. Education involves much more than just passing exams. Since becoming part of this college I have seen how teachers are devoted to making the students enjoy their studying, which makes us love attending the lessons and ensures that we are there on time, not wanting to miss a moment. This in turn, determines us to aim for the highest possible grade.  If you walk into the classes, you cannot fail to notice the mutual respect between the students and the teachers and that most are smiling not sleeping!

As a year 13 student, I was given full support for my UCAS application. As a result, I have received offers from four good universities to study for a degree in Politics – my passion. One of the offers is from a Russell Group university.

This is what EIC is about – it is not a selective college that only accepts the A* students, but rather, it accepts the lower grade students and gives them the incentive and support they need, to make them capable of achieving A’s and A*s.

Abdulaziz – Student Council Member

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