Learning by Doing: Focus on Chemistry

16 Nov 2017

I am delighted to have been appointed as the new Head of Chemistry at EIC this year. Having taught chemistry for almost 10 years across a wide variety of educational sectors, I have enjoyed both the success and interactions that I have had with my students throughout my career. My role at the College is to ensure that I teach, inspire and engage students in chemistry, encouraging them to develop both their academic and professional skills. My teaching is of a varied nature; I often demonstrate a mixture of teaching styles to deliver knowledge to my students. An example of this is my strong emphasis on practical e-learning skills which provides students with a more active approach to learning.

Chemistry is a fantastic subject, relevant in many aspects of the real world from extracting fuels, laboratory testing and plastic production to the analysis of forensic evidence and the development of new medicinal agents. In order to understand how chemistry is applied in the world of work I have developed teaching practices which assess student knowledge but also allow students to ‘learn by doing’, often using scenarios such as case studies, virtual learning simulations and interactive workshops. Many of the interactive workshops that I have employed in my teaching has helped students to understand complex chemistry materials and has encouraged them to apply mathematical reasoning when performing chemical calculations.

Some of the virtual learning simulations I have used has helped students to develop logical reasoning in analytical and forensic chemistry, introducing them to sampling, calibration, qualitative and quantitative analysis. I am keen to implement both traditional and interactive methods of teaching. To develop new teaching methods is an ongoing interest of mine and I am passionate about developing the academic and professional characters of my students, preparing them for independent study in Higher Education.

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