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Student Life

Student Life

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At EIC we believe that education reaches beyond the classroom, and encourage our students to take an active part in College life. Students may join the College Council, join any of our clubs and societities, or try out for the College football team. At EIC, we aim to develop mind and character, and inspire and encourage; both in the classroom and beyond. 

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Clubs, Societies and Sports

Students may join a wide range of clubs and societies, such as our Drama Club, Art Club, Engineering Society, Medical Science Society, Chess Club, Physical Fitness, Mastermind, Politics and Economy Society, and Emotional Intelligence Training. The clubs and societies meet weekly and are led by a member of our staff. 

College Football Team

The College football team is one of the most popular extracurricular activities at the College. The team practice weekly at the local sports club and the College competes against other London Colleges in an annual college football league. Last year the team won the entire West London College Football League, and have high ambitions to do so again. 

Student Council

In addition to their academic studies, students are encouraged to take an active part in the life of the College. There is a Students’ Council which meets when necessary with the Principal to discuss wider College issues. There are representatives from each year group on the Council. Organised events outside of the College are discussed and planned at this forum.

Culture and Trips

London Day Out

With our prime location in one of the most exciting cities in the world, we organise activities and trips to Central London for our students. During the academic year we organise excursions to musicals, art galleries, museums, concerts, premier league football matches and famous historical landmarks.

Cultural Trips in Europe

During school holidays, we organise regular study trips around the UK and Europe to allow our students to learn and appreciate the European cultural heritage. Most recently, some of the students at the College travelled to Poland with the Holocaust Educational Trust.

Location and Facilities

The London Borough of Ealing is one of the nicest parts of West London. There are large numbers of shops, restaurants, cafés and gyms, all within walking distance of the College. There is a large park (Walpole Park) adjoining the College with lakes and fountains and its own art gallery. The park provides an ideal venue for students to meet and enjoy a coffee and sandwich, relax on the lawns around the lake or have a game of football. Ealing is much quieter and not as congested as many of the more central boroughs of London, and it is often described as London’s ‘leafiest suburb’.

At the centre of Ealing, almost opposite the College, is the dramatic large Victorian Town Hall which was built in 1886. This is an imposing building of typical Victorian architecture and was opened by the then Prince of Wales – Edward, who later became King Edward VII on the death of his mother Queen Victoria in 1901.

Ealing is a very safe place to live and study, and is situated just 10 km West of the centre of London. It is served by excellent public transport connections to Central London and to Heathrow Airport from Ealing Broadway mainline and tube station. To learn more about our location and transport links please click here


Ealing Independent College aims to ensure that all students remain safe and free from harm through effective safeguarding practices that are actively promoted within the College. We recognise our responsibility to do so as an education institution, and through our policies and student welfare services we promote the welfare of our students at all times.  

A range of personal and academic support is available to students within the College:

To view our policies please click here. 



"What I like the most about the College is the teaching and the students. The teachers are not only the best teachers I have ever had, but they are extremely friendly and always willing to help."

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"Ealing Independent College helped me achieve good results in my AS levels even though I came very late in the year, and this put me in a good stead to achieve excellent grade A-level results through the teachers' constituent support throughout the year."

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