Specialist Programmes

Specialist Programmes

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At Ealing Independent College we offer specialist programmes through subject specific A-Level routes, but also through our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programme for international students.

Subject Specific Programmes

The College offers three special programmes of study for academically strong students:

These programmes are available to both UK and overseas students. The Medical Sciences Programme is overseen by the Head of Science, the Engineering Programme by the Head of Engineering, and the Business Programme is overseen by the Head of Business Studies/Economics. All students admitted onto these programmes are expected to have reached a high academic standard.

Students on these programmes are all aiming for places at the UK’s top universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, LSE, UCL, Queen Mary’s and Bristol.

The services offered on our specialist programmes are

English as a Foreign Language

Students whose first language is not English are provided with extra language support through our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programme. To learn more about this programme please click here.


Medical Science

All students who are contemplating studying Medicine, Dentistry or a related discipline at university are automatically enrolled on the Medical Sciences Programme. This Programme is overseen by the Head of Science who has particular experience in securing places for students at top medical schools in the UK.

The Programme includes guidance on all medical applications and assistance with securing work placements. Speakers from universities and medical practitioners are invited to address the students to broaden their understanding of what it means to enter a career in Medicine or Dentistry.

The competition for places at Medical Schools is becoming fiercer. Students not only require top grades at A-level but they have to reach an acceptable standard in either the BMAT or UKCAT examinations. At Ealing Independent College we provide assistance with these examinations as part of the Programme.


The Business Programme at Ealing Independent College is a programme for those students who want a business-related focus to their choice of A-Levels, as well as their future studies and career. The College offers A-Levels in Business Studies, Economics, and Accounting. We also offer Business Studies at GCSE.

These subjects are overseen by the Head of Social Sciences, who has experience in helping place students on top Business and Economics university courses in the country. Specific guidance on university applications in this area will therefore be offered.

As part of the Programme, students will have the opportunity to go on trips related to their studies and meet invited speakers. This helps to enrich the tuition they receive from experienced subject specialists in Economics, Business, and Accounting.

English as a Foreign Language

English Support

Students whose first language is not English will need extra support, and will be enrolled onto the English as a Foreign Language Programme timetable. 

An assessment at the start of the course is used to determine the needs of each individual student. The fee for this support programme is built in to the international tuition fees. The Assessment will determine the amount and type of tuition necessary and the way this will be conducted – whether in small classes or by one to one tuition.

UK and EEA students whose first language is not English will also be assessed. In these cases, where additional English support is deemed necessary, an additional fee will be charged. Fees will be determined by the nature of the course and support prescribed.

All students on the English Support Programme will sit an IELTS test at the start of the academic year and will be reassessed at least once later in the year to ensure the right progress is being made

IELTS Preparation Course

In order to gain access to top universities in the UK, international students will need to acquire an advanced level of English in accordance to an IELTS test. Exam preparation support for this is provided at the College. Click here for more information.



"Ealing Independent College provides excellent teaching quality, small class sizes and a friendly environment around the College. For those who are considering applying to the College I would say you will not regret the decision to join us here."

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"Ealing Independent College puts you in the perfect mindset to succeed. What I would say to students who are considering the College? Definitely come. If you want to succeed in future goals and if you focus here at the College, you are guaranteed success. And the College also has a lively environment and friendly students."

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