A British Education

A British Education

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Britain is well known to have one of the most successful education systems in the world, and hosts some of the most prestigious schools, colleges and universities. In 2014, Britain came in sixth in a global ranking of education systems; before USA and Canada to name a few. It is no wonder that over 500 000 international students from 200 nations come to the UK to gain a high quality education each year. If you have aspirations to secure a place at top universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University and London School of Economics, it is adviceable that you start your education in the UK as early as possible. This will allow you to gain the necessary secondary qualifications required, fully immerse yourself in British culture and customs, develop English language skills and prepare for a higher education at the country's top rated universities. At EIC we help international students from 13 to 19 years old gain their British GCSE and A-level qualifications whilst guiding them through their new life in the UK.

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Why study in London

The city of London alone attracts more than 100 000 academically ambitious students from over 200 different countries each year. In fact, as one of Europe's cultural capitals, London attracts more international students than any other city in the world, as it not only offers a quality eduction but also a diverse cultural offering ranging from fine art, music, history and entertainment. At EIC we ensure that all of our international students experience all that London has to offer during their time with us. 

Why study at Ealing Independent College

Safe and quiet environment

EIC is located in one of the nicest parts of West London in a leafy suburban area with beautiful houses and parks. Our location allows students to benefit from being based in a safe and quiet environment, whilst having easy access to the many opportunities that the thriving city centre has to offer. To learn more about our location and transport links to central London please click here

Small class sizes 

We keep the class sizes small to ensure each and every student gets the attention and help required for them to reach their full potential. This is particularly ideal for our international students who are learning a challenging curriculum in a foreign language, and as such will benefit hugely from the personalised support and guidance at the College. 

Improving grades

EIC has a proven track record for helping students improve their grades, to ensure their A-Level qualifications enable them to gain access to the university of their choice. The College has several examples of students who have joined the College with C's and D's, but have graduated with A's and A*'s in all of their subjects. To view our latest exam results, please click here



"I managed to get A* and A's in all my subjects in only 4 months at the College"

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"The College has helped me reach my future goals by guiding me through selecting universities, any work experience required, as well as the personal statement."

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"Ealing Independent College has given me the tools to succeed"

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