Academic Quality

Academic Quality

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We offer a wide range of dedicated support to all of our students, to ensure we provide a well-rounded learning experience and maximise our students’ chances for success. Through providing all of our students with personal tutors we are able to monitor their academic progress and ensure they are on track to reach their goals. During the day students will have supervised study periods to allow them to catch up on course work in between lessons, and should students and parents feel the need for additional private tuition we can organise this with one of our tutors. 

Personal Tutors

All of our students have a personal tutor to monitor their progress and performance, help them with academic issues and support them with any other issue that could rise during the year. Should students have any concerns around changing subject choices or programme; the tutor will offer specific advice to ensure they have clear post-College progression plans.

Study Periods

Supervised study periods will take place in the College during the students’ free periods. This will allow them to do their homework, prepare coursework or simply revise.

Private Tuition

It is possible to receive one-to-one tuition in any subject to provide full flexibility. One-to-one tuition is often suggested as a means of helping a student struggling in a particular subject, or to help a student who joins a course late.

Private tuition is dependent on the availability of tutors, and constraints of the timetable.

The fees for private tuition are charged at £34 per 40 min lesson and £50 per 1 hour.



"Ealing Independent College helped me achieve good results in my AS levels even though I came very late in the year, and this put me in a good stead to achieve excellent grade A-level results through the teachers' constituent support throughout the year."

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"What I like the most about Ealing Independent College is the fact that staff are always keen to answer any questions and easy to find, in addition to the productive study atmosphere. Following my time at the College I have now been able to receive an offer to study at my first choice university; UCL."

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